April 14th, 2010

SEO Training Seminars: What’s the Secret

posted by: Shelly Wolfe

SEO Training Seminars: What’s the SEO Secret?

Last night, Buzzhound had the exciting privilege of talking about our SEO training seminars to members of REBUS-Ad Club of St. Louis. I fielded a lot of really great questions about SEO and how our training seminars differ from others that are offered. One of the most interesting questions, I thought, was, “Aren’t you afraid of giving away SEO secrets?”

I looked at the marketer asking this question, smiled, and replied “no.” To me, there aren’t any secrets to SEO, unless you’re doing something that you shouldn’t. Information on search engine optimization can be found anywhere you look online. Whether I set my Google alerts for particular keywords or find valuable information on Facebook or Twitter, the resources from a slew of true SEO experts is available. What you have to decipher for yourself is what is white hat and what isn’t and find the best method you have for learning it. Some can really soak up the plethora of information that is out there, apply it and have some really great results. For others, it’s a completely different story. That’s not a bad thing since we all learn differently. But, what you do have to find is a seo training seminar that is going to really teach you concepts you can apply when it’s over.

Buzzhound doesn’t specialize in any secrets. As a matter of fact, what I show you in our seo training seminars is how I would work with SEO for any clients that I have. Our basic course is meant for beginners and helps to put into true perspective the basic information that is needed to create and successfully build continual SEO program. What’s important is that you’re able to gain some really valuable knowledge for your business and/or your clients, and that you feel comfortable and educated on SEO and its benefits. And, most importantly be able to apply it and make it come to life.

So the next time someone mentions SEO secrets to you, think about what it would take for you to have a leg up on that conversation. Betcha I know someone who can help explain it!