January 28th, 2010

Are You Keeping Your Website New Year’s Resolution?

posted by: Shelly Wolfe

Are You Keeping Your Website New Year’s Resolution?

According to the Miami Herald, almost 97% of us make a New Year’s resolution, and of that, 40 to 45 percent use it to set goals. The article goes on to mention that there is statistical evidence that setting goals is valuable, concluding that only 46% make it past the six-month mark. I’m sure that you’ve made your own resolutions; Created, or at least contemplated, the cool new things that you can do with your website for the New Year. When are you going to your website search engine optimziation?

On a short break from researching and writing today, I discovered an interesting article on “Feeding My Soul” through “The Only Workout that Works” from Geneen Roth. The further I read about taking the small steps to get our bodies in shape, I began to think about how this same approach can be used towards our websites resolutions and search engine optimization.

I think too many people tend to think that like exercise, search engine optimization is one of those goals that everyone talks about, but either doesn’t know how or where to start, and then is a chore to keep up. Really? How would your business be if that were the mantra that you always put forth? Everything takes a little bit of effort. A little bit of effort in an search engine optimization program can take your website a very long way. Just imagine if we all exercised like we’re supposed to, we’d be buff. That’s how SEO works for your website. You’ll get back what you put into it.

So, are you keeping your website New Year’s Resolution?

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of your Internet marketing program. It is key to any search marketing or social media program that you’ll do for your company. Sometimes, the tough part is getting started. First, take a look at your business model and your goals. Then, begin keyword discovery with tools like the Google Keyword Tool and Wordtracker. You’ll soon learn if your customers find you with “industry speak” or more simple terms. Once you find the keywords that fit your business goals, you’ll begin incorporating them into your meta data and content. Then, if it’s done correctly, you’ll see vast improvements to traffic to your site. And whether you perform SEO on your own or hire a reputable SEO firm to do it for you, understand that great search engine optimization for your website takes time, but is definitely worth the wait!

I know for the New Year, I have a lot of goals. Besides being healthier, I hope that others will take advantage of the opportunity to see the positive effects that SEO can have on their website and get it in the shape it should be in for optimal performance.

It’s almost of the end of January…how are you doing with the goals you’ve set for your website? Will you be in the successful 46 percent or will your competitor?