January 18th, 2010

Knowledge is Power

posted by: Shelly Wolfe

Knowledge Is Power

As we were conducting our SEO training the other day – it was exciting to see business owners harnessing the power of what they were learning.

It occurred to me to at that moment that “knowledge is power” was never as true as it is when you teach a business person what SEO can do for them –
and it truly sinks in for the first time.

When you’re looking at your business – and considering SEO training – how much is it worth to understand:

  • What is working and what isn’t on your site?
  • What do the search engines see when looking at your site?
  • Exactly what drives consumer search in your category?
  • What are your competitors doing that you’re not?
  • Who are your competitors linking to that you’re not?
  • What pages of your site are drawing the most visitors or have the highest bounce rate?
  • How can fresh content change your popularity?
  • As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “What’s the deal with Page Rank?
  • What are all of the directories that could potentially lead consumers to your site?
  • How can you tell who has been on the site and where they came from?

When you see all of the pieces put together for the first time – it’s a powerful feeling – and that’s why Friday at 3:30 is the most fun around here – seeing business people and marketers walking out with a whole set of seo tools they didn’t have that morning.

It’s fun to help them understand – and let them know our SEO instructors are around for anything else that comes up.