March 11th, 2010

SEO Tools to Maintain Your Site’s Health

posted by: Shelly Wolfe

SEO Tools to Maintain Your Site’s Health

When’s the last time you checked to see how well your website is running? Are users leaving your site because they can’t find a page or it’s taking too long to load?

If you’re taking time to optimize your website, make sure to use the right seo tools to check your website’s health. One of the biggest things I notice with seo programs is that once the site has been optimized, people tend to leave it alone and not re-visit the site to check for possible errors. You’ve gone through all that hard work to boost site performance, so make sure that your pages are running smoothly. Below are a few seo tools that we use in order to keep our site healthy.

Where are your site errors?

Frequently, I like to check within the Webmaster tools in Google, Yahoo and Bing to see if there are any crawling errors. Their diagnostic tools offer insight into pages that not found, timed out, or unreachable. Finding and fixing these errors is essential to how a spider can successfully navigate your site.

Helpful Plug-ins

Firefox offers some great plug-ins that you can use as well to check your site’s health. These seo tools are free and are easy to use. Even if you aren’t able to fix the code yourself, the reports are easily printable to share with your Webmaster. Make sure to check out:

Richard Baxter also posted on the SEOmozBlog about other site checks he performs. It’s a pretty comprehensive list with a few other tools that can assist with site maintenance.

Inbound Links

Frequently, I also like to check the inbound links to our site and the number of pages that are being indexed. I find that the Yahoo Site Explorer seo tool works well. It’s always good practice to know who is linking to you and whether you want them to link to your site. Additionally, if you’ve added pages to your site and don’t see them listed, you may need to resubmit your site.

Are there other seo tools that you use that we forgot to mention? If so, let us know. We’d like to add them to our list.