March 16th, 2010

SEO Training – Online or In Person?

posted by: Shelly Wolfe

SEO Training – Online or In Person

After spending a substantial amount of time online researching SEO training, I’ve discovered that there are several ways to take in all the information regarding search engine optimization that can add value to your website. The question for me, is how do you prefer to receive your SEO training?

First, you can read various blogs and articles across the Internet that offer advice on proper SEO techniques and strategies. And, there are some really great resources out there. However, how do you find time to sift through all of that information and put it into action? Who is there to tell you if it really works, doesn’t work, is white hat, black hat, or all shades of gray? Learning SEO on your own can be very rewarding, yet overwhelming and leave you asking, “I’ve learned all this great info on SEO, but now, how and where do I start?”

I’ve also discovered several companies who offer online SEO training. And, there are different types of learning formats. Some offer live feeds others are subscription-based, allowing you to learn through a structured format at your own pace in a limited amount of time. These programs remind me of the “set it and forget it” approach. Some businesses will offer support, but most will charge extra for it. I recommend if you go with this approach that you really are careful to pick a provider that can give you help during and after the segment has ended to get your money’s worth. Moreover, if you become distracted and lose focus, it’s possible that you’ll waste valuable money because you were unable to finish the course in the amount of time that you were given. I also appreciate the SEO companies who give you access to their instructors for questions and answers.

Lastly, another method is to take SEO training is to attend a class. This hands-on approach, like we subscribe to at Buzzhound Learning Lab, I feel, is an ideal way to take SEO training. Why? Because I am a visual learner and prefer the hands-on learning approach. I feel comfortable in a small classroom environment, where I can use the computer and go through exercises with the instructors, ask questions, and even sit down with the trainer after class for a little one-on-one advice. On the flip side, what if you cannot spare the time away from your job to come to class? Does travel costs inhibit your ability to attend SEO training?

Nonetheless, I think we can all agree that value that attending any type of SEO training can bring to your website and online marketing program. Each format will have pros and cons, each different, for all of us. However, taking the time to learn how to optimize your site can make a significant difference to your website traffic and online brand.

Now it’s your turn. Which method do you prefer for SEO training and why?